About The School of Dance

The dance studio was founded by Lois Kahrmann in 1943, and was known as the Lois Kahrmann School of Dance. I began taking classes here at the age of three and was teaching classes under the watchful eye of Miss Kahrmann by the age of 16. By the time Miss Kahrmann retired in June 1981, I was teaching all the classes except for three. Upon her retiring, I became the owner, operator, and sole teacher at the studio. In 1989 I moved the studio to its present location and changed the name to The School of Dance.

Dancing Balerina

Dancers from my school gain skills that help them to excel in the externally competitive world of dance, even though our emphasis is on internal competition. I have had dancers go on to work with Disney World, complete a summer workshop with the New York City Rockettes, dance with Dancers Without Borders, and even take small parts in major motion pictures.

Even young dancers here recognize the moves they are learning will help them as their journey with dance progresses. I cannot tell you how many times I have smiled as my four year-olds excitedly tell me they saw dancers in the Nutcracker performing the same moves we are working on in class, or as I have watched my older students perform in chorale groups and direct the choreography of their school musicals.

I have maintained the same atmosphere that allowed my self-confidence to grow so that the young dancers I teach may experience the same growth. This is not only a self-confidence in dance, but in all areas of their lives. There is nothing I love more than seeing a student take what they learned in my dance classroom and run with it and apply it elsewhere—like a shy student who is able to confidently give a speech to a crowded room. My students participate in a variety of sports and are always telling me how much dance has helped them excel elsewhere.