Welcome to The School of Dance

My name is Elizabeth Weisenberger, owner and operator of The School of Dance located in Chillicothe, OH. I wanted to welcome you to my dance studio and take the time to share with you my values as a dancer. I teach all of the studio's classes and place a high emphasis on the fundamentals of dance. Here our focus is not on winning trophies or awards, but rather on competing with oneself. A dancer should always strive to be better than they were the week before.


While our goal in our classes is to improve ourselves, I am sure to also bring in elements of fun, because I firmly believe that dance is to be enjoyed. Our classes are structured to ensure learning, but allow room for fun and constructive play.

I am proud of my family-oriented studio, and am glad to take students from pre-k through high school. I love to see my students grow, not only as dancers, but as people as they come and dance with me through their formative years. Principles taught here will help them throughout their lives as they learn discipline, the value of expression, and to love themselves and their bodies.

Happiness is dance, I believe that, and would love to help share my skills with the dancers in your family. If you are interested in starting classes, or would like to sign your child up, I invite you to call The School of Dance.